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What is DLL?

DLL is a Language Learning Software that provides all the features required by teachers for language learning such as pronunciation practice, video presentation, audio broadcasting, quiz and exercise.

The content for DLL is highly flexible. Teaching materials can be tailor-made with the aid of DLL content builder. Alternatively, teachers can use any other resources existed in the market. With our DLL, language learning becomes easy, flexible and interactive.


  • Interactive Language Learning
  • Pronunciation Practice
  • Listening Practice
  • Oral Quiz and Examination
  • Presentation Skill Training
DLL - Digital Language Laboratory


  • Courseware Building
      Bookmark Management
    • You can keep all of your videos and recordings well organized with bookmarks, making it easy to manage, review and share to the class whenever you want
    • Caption/subtitle
    • You can create and edit caption/subtitle easily
    • Multimedia Supported
    • Feel free to use learning materials in various movie formats, or from AV signal, Webcam, etc.)
    • Easy Content Management in the Same Project File
    • You can keep all your content, subtitles and bookmarks all in the same project file and reuse or make changes next time
  • Teaching Mode
      Playback & Record
    • Buttons like simultaneous / sequential playback and recording allow repetitive practice

    • DLL - Digital Language Laboratory

    • Comparing Master Track & Student Track
    • Comparing both tracks makes it easy to rectify pronunciation

    • DLL - Digital Language Laboratory

    • Collect Student Recordings
    • Teachers can save all students’ recordings to keep track of their learning progress
    • Voice & Video Broadcasting
    • Our system allows you to import video and audio content in a wide variety of formats (AVI, MPG, MP4, MKV, WMV, MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC formats, etc.) and use for your lessons
    • Speed Control
    • The speed of the conversation could be changed without affecting the tone
    • Capture Mode
    • Teacher can broadcast real time live feed from microphone, AV signal, VHS or WebCamera input to student PCs and record for future
  • Self-learning Mode
      Students Can Continue to Practice after Class
    • With full functions just like the teacher
    • Recordings Can Be Exported
    • You can choose to export in WAV, MP3 or WMA formats
  • Quiz
      Question Editor
    • Create quizzes quickly with an intuitive user interface and the ability to insert multiple question types in one pass
    • Quiz Management
    • Instant quiz process monitoring
    • Collect quiz paper by one click
    • Auto Marking & Reporting
    • Instant quiz result
    • Various graphical quiz report in different formats – Word, Excel, PDF, CSV and more

    • DLL - Digital Language Laboratory
  • Communication
      Audio Communication – Intercom
    • Allow teacher to give instructions to a particular student or the whole class through microphone
    • Student Presentation
    • Students can be chosen to give a presentation to the whole class through microphone
    • Monitor Microphone
    • Teacher can monitor students’ conversations
    • Chatroom
    • Text discussion is available between teacher and students
    • File Transfer
    • Any files could be compressed and easily sent to students instantly
DLL - Digital Language Laboratory

    System Requirement

    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or above) / Vista, 7, 8.1 & 10 (support 32-bit & 64-bit; exclude Starter Edition)
    Computer Configuration CPU: 1.5GHz Dual Core processor or higher
    Memory: 1GB RAM or higher
    Storage: At least 1.5GB of available space
    Others: Sound Card, Display Card
    Software Requirements Microsoft DirectX 9.0c or above
    Windows Media Player 10.0 or above
    Network Requirements LAN: Ethernet 100 Mbps or higher
    Switch: 100 Mbps or higher
    Requirement: Ensure all computers of a class are in the same subnet


    DLL helps us save time in teaching. In addition, teaching will become smoother if we can broadcast pre-recorded voice and video in the lessons.

    Language Teacher | Saudi Arabia

    My school emphasizes Mandarin learning and we know the importance of “Practice Makes Perfect”. However, we find that most of the students are shy in speaking Mandarin. With DLL, my students can speak Mandarin in front of the computers.

    Language Teacher | United Kingdom

    Even if students can practice English by themselves in class, they don’t know whether their pronunciation is correct while they practice language. Now, my students can compare their pronunciation with the correct one by listening and recording in DLL.

    Language Teacher | Korea

    It is difficult to assess each student’s language pronunciation in a class. DLL can let me collect all students’ recording for assessment after class.

    Language Teacher | Malaysia

    We appreciate the save function of student recordings. Students can compare their own pronunciation with the correct one when they listen again to their own recordings. So, they can recognize their own mistakes in pronunciation.

    Language Teacher | Hungary

    Now I don’t need to worry about preparing teaching materials. It is convenient for me to record my voice and video before lessons.

    Language Teacher | Hong Kong

    In the past, we cannot listen and correct all students’ pronunciation in real-time. Nowadays, we can assign any students to pronounce the words and give them personal advice through DLL.

    Language Teacher | China

    Students have different levels of proficiency in foreign language. DLL allows them to repeatedly listen to the voice and video according to their own learning pace.

    Language Teacher | Philippines

    Sometimes, we want to prepare own teaching materials instead of using outside sources. We can choose between broadcasting our pre-recorded materials and outside sources in DLL.

    School Principal | Italy

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