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With the advance in education technology and educationalists’ gradual acceptance, it seems inevitable that there is a trend of adopting more and more mobile computing devices in education.

This trend is evident in Hong Kong. As a pioneer measure in Hong Kong, the Support Scheme for e-Learning in Schools (Support Scheme) was launched in January 2014 for 100 public schools to enhance their Wi-Fi infrastructure and to acquire mobile computing devices for use in class. With the experience gained in the Support Scheme and the general positive feedback obtained during the consultation period, the Education Bureau of Hong Kong plans to build on its earlier success to implement the enhancement of Wi-Fi infrastructure starting from the coming school year for nearly a thousand schools.

And we are glad to be cooperating with Microsoft given our synergy of promoting e-learning in schools. One key event is the Microsoft in Education Forum – one of Microsoft's annual major events that took place on 28th March 2015. This event aimed to share the latest information in planning and implementation of e-learning in school and reinforce the Support Scheme for e-Learning in Schools, and discuss how schools can apply Microsoft technology, including Windows tablets and Windows apps via a series of successful real cases of total e-learning solutions. We are glad to share that one of the schools has showcased our XCLASS Tablet (Windows Edition) in the forum. It was demonstrated how our solutions could assist teaching in a real-life scenario. We will continue our cooperation with Microsoft to serve the motto of making our ICT solutions as a “learning companion” of teacher and students.

We are continuing our developments on our XCLASS Tablet series. Our latest breakthroughs are:

  • Voice features are fully implemented on our XCLASS Tablet, including video broadcasting, intercom, voice casting, etc.
  • Other than our current Survey Mode and Short Question, Quiz is finally implemented with question editor, two question types (MC & short question), auto-marking, instant results with bar-chart and report.
  • The Application Monitor feature is improved and renamed as Application Control with features like monitor apps, remote kill apps, black/white list, etc.
  • A pioneering Instant Dictionary feature is implemented in our DLL. With a simple click on any words of the subtitle of a movie, a popup window of the dictionary will appear instantly.

Hong Kong is often seen as the gateway to China and the rest of Asia Asian countries. And we are glad to see that Worlddidac Asia bring bought for its debut in Hong Kong and took place on 18-20 March 2015. Well-known speakers from 16 countries joined the forums and visitors from 35 countries explored the event. We believe that this has further forged Hong Kong as the hub of the whole ICT industry in the Asia region.

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